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FOX Business
Sep 8, 2012 3:00am EDT
. whether he irritated or we don'. have a good weekend. good night. neil: back from chai lot, and i feel like i just got back from the moon. on all of this out of the world spending. the theme of the democratic convention, loud, and very clear. >> i will use the money no longer spent on war to pay down debt and put people back to work rebuilding roads and bridges. >> we have no intention of downsizing the american dream. neil: the treasury made this official, and it does seem ironic on this number nerdy show that we have according to the united states treasury, clips the 16 trillion dollar debt level. >> everyone knew this number would come. neil: congressman, you're among those who say we shouldn't hide from the spending, but embrace it? >> well, depends what you talk about spending money on. >> long term investments, and sometimes when you build a house, a road, you do have to borrow to make investments. neil: are you disaappointmented we have not seen more bang for the buck? >> today, we eclipsed $16 trillion of debt under this president. >> after $5 trillion of new debt, our economy
FOX Business
Sep 17, 2012 8:00pm EDT
night from new york. neil: well, it is 50, not looking nifty for mitt, says who? i am neil cavuto, to-hear the00 00 pundits, mitt romney might has well stick a fork in it says who? allow the numbers, that mainstream media is not talking about to sink in, negative 10.4 is latest read from bank of economic index this month, that is down from august, another sign that manufacturing is not getting better it getting worse, and the price for a gallon of a gasoline, on the way to visiting it again. listen to those rescued now rumbling a certain automaker. now balking, not much coverage about how gm wants out from unelsuncle sam's thumb, but uncm is not relending, bet tear keep taxpayers in the fog. i just find it amazing a mainstream media that would sooner pounce on mitt romney's every false move, gets away with it. i only heard one say respond spontaneous, i am only one that noticed romney getting read the riot act but not the president, the president gets a pass. they could call this a question his leadership, that gets a pass. not well, not nair, not right. and so say 50 days out preside
FOX Business
Aug 31, 2012 8:00pm EDT
, why should women have any less safe than men about the great decisions facing our nation. neil: did you hear that and watch it and see it? did you get a sense that nerds can have passion as well? it is a reminder that this ticket has got to bring those two together. did it achieve it? for women, did it make a measurable difference? sabrina schaper on whether those romney moves worked. >> he absolutely killed the women and i think he did a great job without pandering to them. i don't think there was anybody watching who didn't feel a chill go up their spine. his affection for ann, his parents relationship, his children and family -- these are things that resonate with women. i looked at my husband on the couch and he thought, wow, have to step it up a little bit. neil: it's funny, because when i heard the rose story and i heard it before, i said boy, i hope they don't put the camera back on me right now. that just got see her. we have these depressions and we put business guys into compartments and some are upset over these ceos and are they boring -- i would like to tell people that
FOX Business
Sep 3, 2012 8:00pm EDT
are responsible for cavuto. i will see you tonight at 7:00 eastern. >>neil: the scene on the floor here in charlotte, michelle obama making her way to the stage to check things out. she will be the big speaker for democrats tomorrow night. some thought she could be getting eclipses by bill clinton but that is neither here or there. officially, this convention has not kicked off. but it does so tomorrow in light of the labor day holiday, but labor will be a big issue not only for michelle obama but her husband. also, the issue of jobs. today is a market holiday, the last big holiday before everyone goes back-to-school and for a lot of people they recognize this time of the year as the start of a new year. psyche psychologically i can see that. and ahead of the national association of manufacturers. jay, that is the issue, right? labor and jobs and progress. >>guest: all about jobs. everyone is talking about jobs and manufacturing. when i talk to manufacturers from around the country they express a lost concern and uncertainty about the future, the abyss we are ready to face at the end en
FOX Business
Sep 5, 2012 8:00pm EDT
as absenc absent. good night from new york. neil: welcome everyone. from charlotte, north carolina. it is already very loud, we have another 3 hours to go, if it is already this deafening, a party is going on. you have great singers. i have to give the edge to democrats on rocking a little bit more than the republicans, but that is just me. all this ahead of speech tonig tonight, more to the point let by gones or whatever perceived by gones are out there begun. and sing the praises of a ticket that calls for raising taxes on upper income. probably say it worked for me then, it can work now, peter barons on the floor. reporter: i am here behind nebraska delegation. it appears that big dog in chief, bill clinton will channel barack obama in his speech. we have excerpts from the campaign, here is one paragraph, the most important question is, what kind of country do you want to live in? if you want a you are -- your own winner-take-all society, you should support the republican ticket. if you want a country of shared proprosperity and shared responsibility, and we're in this together
FOX Business
Sep 14, 2012 8:00pm EDT
a great weekend. good night from new york. neil: well, i think we already got our october surprise in september. i'm not talking about the middle east. i am talking about ben bernanke moving to fix this economic mess the middle east is still the bomb. that is the biggest surprise, not that the president, but that he was so obvious about it and so blatant about it. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. hell hath no fury like an academic scorned. mitt romney is finding that the hard way because ever since mitt romney ripped ben bernanke and new one and said that the fed monetary policies were disastrous and if he had his druthers he would never reappoint bernanke, i always thought to myself, man, if i were bin i sure don't want that guy to ever be my boss, even though republican president first appointed me, i find a much more kindred spirit in the democratic president to at least is not trashing me this week. just more blatant about it. his third foray into the markets in just about as many years proved it. the markets like it. investors love it. the president really loved it. if you
FOX News
Sep 5, 2012 1:00pm PDT
tonight for the fox report at 7:00 eastern and 6:00 central. here comes "your world." >>neil: welcome, everyone, coming to you from the charlotte, north carolina where it will get hot and heavy and the speeches will be hot and heavy. so far since we have been here, really in trouble yet, a few run ins to those type whose try to keep their guy away. a lot of people will ask, well, where are all the democratic big guns. you know we had the founder of b.e.t., bob johnson, and i could go on and on and jesse jackson, and occasionally, it does happen, occasionally, that a lot of key speakers do not want to talk to us or me. i thought it was me, i thought it was my deodorant but i don't think that is the case, but i mention this, because a lot of you ask, well, we want to see this guy talking to you and we try to reach out. my diligent staff will kindly senator out e-mails and in the case of governor deval who scored a big speech, they will get back to us, essentially saying, you know, keep trying, but it ain't happening any time soon. no less than a dozen times with massachusetts governor.
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 1:00pm PDT
no idea...neil cavuto probably does. he knows everything. >>neil: i don't know about this, forget the growing rage over the little dictator spewing his anti-american and antiisraeli hatred before his big speech tomorrow, focus on the big institution letting him. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. get ready for holy hell on the holiest of days. if t aoptics, bad optics. the leader who has the goal of the destruction of israel is speaking on the holy day. this is not an accident but iranian wanted it that way, and it is not an accident, rubbing salt in the wound. more troubling to u.n. watcher who says it is not so much the u.n. not moving the speech, maybe why the white house did not try or care. very good do have you, professor. what do you make of the timing? accidental? weird? deliberate? >>guest: this is a guy who has dedicated his time in office to antisemetism, to the destruction of the state of israel. he obviously is happy with the opportunity to speak on the holiest day of the jewish calendar. it suits him. the question is, why does it suit us? what are we doing abouting
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 4:00pm EDT
it was down yesterday. up today. seems only fair. that is it for "studio b" today with neil cavuto coming up next. hang tight. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue ♪ >>neil: we interrupt there so-called recovery for something that is more like reality, this durable town around, not so durable. when it comes to durable goods ordered, not much ordering going down. the appetite for big ticket items that cover everything from planes to pasta makers, dropping 30 percent the sameee we heard that pending home sales reversed a two-year high and mortgages are down and foreclosures are up in the latest quarter and growth was cut in the same quarter. all value it will numbers, to be sure, but they point to problems with a recovery that now is not looking so great. we heard 55 percent of small business owners surveyed would not start a small business today and 69 percent of manufacturers say regulations are killing their businesses today. add them up, and the republican vice presidential candidate says the u.s. economy is headed down. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and fox on t
FOX Business
Sep 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
sleuth t solution to gete back to work. neil: left out but a remarkable insight was a added come about what happens when you remove credits and exemptions and special allowances, the same thing that ronald reagan did in 1986, idea, making sure those who dodge taxes pay something in taxes, something ryan, said he is open to do emany conservatives in the party, say, any time do you that, it is a kin to raising taxes, ryan draws a major ca to take in what pat buchanan, on this fast moving development. what do you make of this. >> when i was ai i a kid was tha saying that rich pay more than anyone else but everyone contributes there is concern that you hear 47% or 49% are not paying income taxes at all. let me say with regard to what ryan talking about. if you drop rate from 35 to 28, you have to cut or cap interest deductions, for state and local income taxes, and there is a relucreluctance on part of repun to point out what is cut and capped. neil: i'm wondering, something interesting in way that ryan, and romney yesterday, explaining a notion of taking the deducts and changing them so e
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 1:00pm PDT
for the fox report, and here comes neil cavuto. >>neil: here comes potentially a milestone. welcome, everyone, from the convention center in charlotte, north carolina, on a day, maybe in minutes, if you look at the lower right screen, as democrats kickoff their convention, the number not able to comprehend, $16 trillion, the amount we owe. this was the same debt clock, if you will, that republicans were showcasing last week, democrats are not doing that. but, it is very close to touching the $16 trillion level. you will notice this goes back-and-forth a lot, and it keeps track of government receipts coming in and it goes down and going out, so it goes up, but our mathematicians say in the next hour or two it will cross $16 trillion. whether you blame this president or not, for it, he has just added to it. he is not totally responsible but more than $5 trillion of that is his on his watch and republicans are pointing that out, this is mostly president obama debt. but the fact of the matter is, this has been a bipartisan issue we have been raising on this show, the fact that we as a nation have
FOX News
Sep 27, 2012 1:00pm PDT
says the u.s. economy is headed down. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and fox on top of a number two back to issue one: jobs. not happening. paul ryan making his case on the stump that america has hit a big butch and it ain't pretty. the man republican operatives have reportedly been urging romney to get out and get blasting is here and talking. wrong man paul ryan joining me from memphis, tennessee. what do you make of the latest numbers congressman? you have talked about weakness in the economy, but prior to the data today, congressman, we been seeing a pickup of consumer sentiment and obviously we see markets all over the map but what did this signal? >>guest: we have seen slow growth. now we see it is slower. a downward revision from 1.7 to 1.3 percent is a big drop. the drop in durable goods is enormous. this is not what a real recovery looks like. as you mentioned from the fay of businesses and manufacturers, they see more clouds ahead. it is because of the president's failed policies. mitt romney and i are preparing very specific pro growth solutions to get real growth in
FOX Business
Sep 26, 2012 8:00pm EDT
muzzled. neil: he is speaking everywhere. but media decides if they want tto pay attention. >> but what is he saying? is he taking the fight to president obama, who according to business community, is a vulnerable in a lot of different areas. neil: they are saying to each other, they did an intervention, say, come on, hello. >> i understand they have been ramping up their criticism, telling their people in the campaign, and getting damn close to the principles and wondering has the best weapon we have, a guy that is pretty smart, very well reported, and game for a fight, as congressman ryan, is he being muzzled as the potential vice president of the united states or nominee ar fore party for vice president. neil: to what end? mitt romney wants to win. >> i will say, two things, this so concerning this to the ryan -- romney-ryan campaign. and is this gets to the way the ryan campaign staff thinks they will win, they are running a hesitant, tentative campaign, they think that is the best way to do it that has been the mo from day one with this president. i am not a political guy, i can ju
FOX Business
Sep 4, 2012 8:00pm EDT
coverage of the democratic national convention. here is neil cavuto. neil: all right, from an already packed convention center, the democrats have a chance to respond to the republicans in tampa, florida, this week. we can tell you that the music is very good. very upbeat and loud. i am giving an early edge to them on the music. although we still have a number of days ago. we already had a number of exciting people. nancy pelosi, joe biden here with richard trumpka. the president is speaking before him, that will set the stage down the road. all of this coming up, what could be ubiquitous timing, good or bad. we got news today that the national debt eclipsed $16 trillion. republicans pouncing on that as proof that this president is a big spender. about $5 trillion worth. many of the democratic party arguing that they also inherited a lot of that from their predecessor and this is not all the president is doing. there is no debt clock. one democrat telling me that it was moronic and plastic. the peter barnes on the floor right now with a reader of the lay of the land. if they are on th
FOX Business
Sep 24, 2012 8:00pm EDT
claims he is 47. that a lie. summer it is 57. that is it for us, good night from new york. neil: it is a good thing we don't hold u.s. government to same standards we do to apple, the company sells only 5 million iphones and the stock sells down. welcome back i am neil cavuto, that is difference between apple and washington, one sets standard, and other has no standard remember one's reputation is such that it could be deemed a disappointment by selling just a few million in iphones. >> why, why, why? the question is not so much why we hold apple, to high standards, but why we don't hold the government to any standards. never punished for program that fail. and money wasted, stimulus checks, prison inmates, solar push for panels made in china. government subsidized check for chevy volts that don't sell. and stimulus that does not stim later, and regulation that stifle our very ability to innovate. in privacy sector companies would be pummeled for any one of these disappointment in, in public sector, part of government doing, here is difference, investors can sell, taxpayers cann
FOX News
Sep 14, 2012 1:00pm PDT
:00 eastern time. have a great weekend. the dow is up. "your world," with neil cavuto is next. >>neil: day four ofant american protests, now just now in the middle east and not just being targeted at us. welcome, everyone, now it is pretty much everywhere, tunisia protesters stormed the american embassy setting fire with thick smoke billowing from the compound. in sudan the british and german impressions were coming under attack. in lebanon protesters torched a hardee's and kfc as the remains of the ambassador stevens and three other americans killed in libya arrived back on u.s. soil. the protests in more than a dozen countries. and growing. now, my guest says, civilization itself is under attack. you do have to wonder, the fact that not only is it spreading, but, it is going after major western nations. what is happening? >>guest: well, what we are seeing here, neil, is somewhat of a collapse of the current administration's policy and an extension of that is the major security failure because of the massive uprising in the countries. it is a clash of civilizations. >>neil: what is odd. i
FOX News
Sep 20, 2012 1:00pm PDT
off, and it was just incredible and to think that will never happen again is kind of weird. neil cavuto is, neil cavuto is coming up. >>neil: now, there will be hell on the capitol hill. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. fox on top of a secretary of state with a tin cup out and fault too many politicians willing to throw coins in. hillary clinton lobbying congress today to keep the money flowing to the middle east. she is facing huge resistance from republicans and a lot of democrats who say they have had it with pouring good money after bad in the middle east. images like these do not help. and ron paul said long before this, called to close the spigot and close it now. >>guest: good to be here. >>neil: there are many more in your camp. i am wondering, having heard this before, with a dust up of violence and this is quite a dust up, but, it fades. the resistance to lending money fades. we go back to lending money. >>guest: i lost that last sentence or two. >>neil: the idea that as opposed so many are to giving more money in the middle eat, in the end, they do so. what do you
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. we are off 50 points. con text and perspective from neil cavuto. for all of us on "studio b". hope to see you monday. >>shepard: good have a good weekend. >>neil: a good september for stocks and a better quarter on stocks have some thinking that president obama is a "bye." if market pundits are right, mitt romney shut be scare the because a reliable barometer just turned bad for him. stocks closing out the trading month up and the latest quarter up a lot more. the dow, despite today's soft performance, surging 2 percent this month, almost double that in the last three months. stronger quarterly gains for the s&p 500 and nasdaq which means in an election year, good for the incumbent almost every election year. 39 days out, does that mean that the president is in? our market watcher says no, not when you factor the recent state of bad economic numbers. or the scores of major u.s. companies throwing workers out. larry, which is the more dominant theme? >>guest: just to illustrate that point, look no further than a country like greece on the verge of a depression, 25 percent unemployme
FOX Business
Sep 13, 2012 8:00pm EDT
are sucking their thumbs. that's it for us tonight and thank you for watching. good night, new york. neil: lie in my not feeling rested? welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. i would like to put today's stock market gains into perspective. i do not want to be a half-empty glass guy, but i do want you to be aware of what propels this. the federal reserve coming in, the third time to say it is going to keep interest rates low. think of what wall street did yesterday to take a look of the numbers today. a huge run run-up, not so much on this 40 billion-dollar issue, but they reacted to a bailout. an artificial stimulant to keep punctual out of the party going. the problem is that has not been a great party. the markets have been running up on the notion that this is the best straw that we have. and ben bernanke is the best guide we have in monetary policy is the best option we have. ben bernanke does appear to be the only guy getting something done. the president doesn't seem to be engaged. congress can't get its act together. we go back to the sky. that's what concerns me. we will get a fair and
FOX Business
Sep 25, 2012 8:00pm EDT
starts of america. neil: no, not quite. that was then, this is now, this is going to make you sick. your health care premium, you know, through the roof. i am neil cavuto. there is no way to help this medicine go down, forget health care law saving you 2500 bucks, more like costing but that much more. talk about putting prem outin premium -- the prem up on in premium in premium, average american now playing 500 more smackers. on average 2370 more for average family with employer provided plan. pretty much, do not matter the plan. if you are on medicare, more for your prescription drug plan. and seniors enrolled in most of the popular drug plans are looking at double digit premium hikes next year, if they don't shop for a better deal now, don't say i did not warn you, long before bill clinton spoke of basic arig ma tick years ag. a lot more. and when the money those are supposedly getting for folks who have to kick in for mandatory coverage will not be kicking those bucks in for years now. that kicks in right now, so, premiums go up, i think that 2400-dollar thing is just for starters, t
FOX News
Sep 18, 2012 1:00pm PDT
and up and down. [ bell ringing ] >> maybe ca skru to can make sense of it all. >> neil: it is mayday for republican nominee who has no doubt seeing better days, he is getting pummeled by the press where he made comments to a fund-raiser. you heard what everyone is saying about mitt romney. now time to hear from mitt romney. hear it only hear beginning now. >> welcome. i'm neil cavuto. courtesy mother, mother of all flashbacks who doesn't need the grief and can't afford the distraction. >> 47% of the people, 37% who believe they are victims and believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. who believes they are entitled -- >> neil: that was mitt romney and first sit down since this video. governor coming to us from salt lake city. welcome. obviously you have seen the fallout. the administration quickly coming back at you governor. you essentially distain any wrote off half the nation. how do you respond to that? >> we were talking about a campaign and how he is going to get close to half the vote. i'm going to get half the vote. i hope i will get 50.1% or more. frankly
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 1:00pm PDT
am shepard smith. >>neil: fox news alert, ten days in and they still hate us. from pakistan, to india, to afghanistan, thousands of anti-american protesters taking to the streets again today. in pakistan it was actually a government holiday, all this as questions mount over the attack on the consulate in libya and conflicting comments from the white house. john mccain is here to weigh in on both. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is the scene in pakistan today. not a great scene. police firing live ammunition at protesters, throwing rocks and it gets worst after torching a theater, 15 killed, dozens injured, the protesters were fueled by the antimohammed video that the president referred to when asked about the libya attack that left our arch and three other americans dead. >> what we have seen the last week or week and a half is something that actually we have seen in the past where there is an offensive video or cartoon directed at the prophet mohammed. this is, obviously, something that is used by an excuse by some to carry out inexcusable violent acts directed at wester
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 1:00pm PDT
will overwhelm the central bank easing. the question is, does it happen before or after the election? >>neil: we live in the moment and i do not dispute what you are saying. but i do say the barometer has been right 90 percent of the time. as the quarter goes before the election, so go the election for or against the incumbent. this are many other barometers that point in a variety different ways so this is one of them. it doesn't necessarily mean anything. i am wondering if what this is saying for president obama is that people are going to look at their financial statements, if they are lucky enough to have accounts and they are up, or they will look at their home values if they are lucky enough to have a home going up in value and they feel, on paper, some of this wealth affect we hear about. you dismiss that? >>guest: well, it is a good point that perhaps what this is telling us is that bernanke at the federal reserve is throwing the kitchen sink at this to stimulate it through the economy, through the election, and stimulate us through the fiscal cliff which could lead to asession down the
FOX Business
Sep 20, 2012 8:00pm EDT
york. neil: there is no elegant way to say it. we are puking and belching food stamps and benefits, good money after bad. sorry to be so graphic, but it has doubled under this president and all because of something signed off on by this president. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. 3.9 million americans on food stamps, that is of the year 2010, god knows how many now. but we do know that it was 1.9 million americans in 2008, and apparently, a lot of it goes back to the president's economic stimulus legislation when he quietly suspended a rule, encouraging otherwise healthy adults to work by limiting the amount of time that they could receive food stamps. the white house says it was advocating for a number of people who wanted more flexibility in how they dispense benefits. but the immediate result of this. more americans than ever on food stamps. more americans than ever feeding off the drop. this is a lot more about mitt romney sounding heartless. >> they believe that they are entitled to health care and food and housing and you name it. >> think about that and think about how e
FOX Business
Aug 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
newy neil: well, now we know, but does not throw fits. like a good ceo, he let others do that for him.>> here is what mitt romney did for himself this week. he embraced his inner neared.. as a nerd is about time. he did not run away from beinghd the business beat that he was. he used it as a pocket protecting battle cry for the fall campaign to come. better late than never. he did not bury. the showcase the things that came as a result. he did not ignore his sometimes investment business. he did point out is far more obvious investment head.r he did not say he always got it right investing his own money,s just that he got a lot more right than the president has investing hundreds of billionsit of dollars worth of ourin moneyp he did not have to say he was ae geek. all he had to say is he was a l successful one, and he did, and it worked. take away all of the characters at this convention. weigh what we are left with is deciding that characters, deciding the character of the guy for whom there was that convention. let ryan say the president is not doing well. let mitt romney make it si
FOX News
Sep 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
world," is coming up right now. >>neil: this is not abroad, but here. one-year-older but not a year wiser. the occupiers are back the money message is as confusing out in force trying to shut down wall street today targeting big banks like hsbc and the new york stock exchange itself prompting 100 arrests and indicating they are far from done. the protests are expected to continue into the evening. get ready. the 99 percenters are just getting started. welcome, everyone, glad to have you. the occupy movement is doing its best to be the shutdown movement on wall street today. it did not work because the folks who trade stocks still traded. business as usual amid the streaming protesters outside. my next guest says wall street wasn't phased because occupiers message wasn't resonating. my guest should know. he works on wall street and he and their brother held a counter-protest demanding occupiers occupy a deck. they tried to hire and not a single taker. and now, back with us now. how was it? >>guest: today it was a w
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,053 (some duplicates have been removed)